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Business Start Ups

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Your brand is so much more than a sum of its parts. Of course your logo, website, and print materials are critical, but they need to mesh well together. After all, it is your company’s visual ethos — its personality, its vibe. Brands Connect takes great pride in crafting quality brands that will serve your company well, whether it’s a brand new startup or a well established business.

The Business Startup Package is our most popular package for new business owners looking to build a brand around the name and direction they’ve chosen for their company, as well as for existing companies looking to update their identity with a brand overhaul.

What's the Difference Between Your Logo and Your Brand?

Sometimes the words “brand” and “logo” are used to communicate the same idea, but their function is fundamentally different. A “brand” is your company’s overarching image or vibe, while your logo is simply one of the pieces used to establish that image. Brands Connect’s branding packages provide the tools and vision you need for an instantly recognizable, unique brand.

Effective strategy and a strong foundation are significant factors to building a successful brand. One of the most unique advantages to building your brand through Brands Connect Concepts is the collaborative approach taken by our Design and Marketing departments.